The Quest For A Silent PC

Lately it’s been very uncomfortable to sit in front of my PC for longer periods of time simply because the CPU fan gets extremely loud. The fact that there are three additional fans on the case (Thermaltake V9) doesn’t help either. A simple google query or two and I found two candidates for my upgrade: Thermaltake Jing and Thermaltake Frio. The price difference was not big and I ultimately decided to go with Jing because Frio was not in stock.

Putting it all together didn’t go as easy as I planned it would. I’v spent more hours replacing the fan than I feel comfortable to admit. Basically the problem was that one of the parts was not drilled properly during the production and after a lot of frustration I had to drill a bigger hole and use different screws to hold it in place. It would have been a better idea to replace the fan altogether because it had a defect but I thought that I would waste more time going that route. This made me moderately frustrated.

I made another mistake while replacing the fan. I placed the CPU together with the fan on the motherboard and then tried to attach the motherboard back into the case. Word of advice: do not do this. Simply attach the CPU holder that goes on the back of the motherboard and then attach the motherboard into the case without mounting the fan. The problem with the first approach is that the Jing fan is huge. You will not have a lot of space to tighten the screws that hold the motherboard in place and you will ultimately end up removing the fan. That’s what I did anyway. While trying to place the fan (and the CPU) back to the motherboard I didn’t align the CPU correctly. At this point I was very frustrated and should have gone to bed way before doing something stupid like this. Playing around with an expensive CPU is simply wrong. CPUs in general are very sensitive.

You can probably guess what happened at this point. I wasn’t able to boot my PC. That’s when I decided to go to sleep. The next day I adjusted the CPU, attached the fan again and everything was fine. Well, everything except the fact that Windows is not able to boot anymore. That’s fine though, I’m not in the mood to play games anyway. I’ll stick with archlinux.

The good news is that the Jing fan is completely silent. The only audible sound coming from my PC is the top fan which is probably going to get replaced too.